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Some of you saw my announcement yesterday about the launch of a new update to the Nom Nom Paleo cookbook iPad® app. I wrote excitedly about how there were 15 new recipes in the app, and how we were unlocking all of the premium content so that users would henceforth have access to all 128 recipes — for no additional cost! Henry and I had been working on this update for months, and we dug into our savings once again to fund it. We tested the new version of the app earlier this month, and loved it, so we gave our app developer the green light to submit it to Apple for approval. A week later, the new update was signed off by Apple, and was made available for download — just in time for Christmas. Great news, right?

Wrong. Argh.


If you’re an iPad or iPad Mini owner, keep reading for the gory details…

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Accidents happen, I still don’t have an iPad, but I would not be so rude to leave horrible reviews on iTunes, I would actually email you about it!